La Pinsa Opens in Paddington

Broadsheet Brisbane

“Pinsa is where pizza comes from,” says David Ruggiero, co-owner and chef behind Brisbane’s newest Italian restaurant, La Pinsa, located in Paddington on the corner of Primrose and Kennedy Terrace.


A Roman flatbread with ancient origins, pinsa (from the Latin pinsere, to stretch) is a peasant street food that has found its way back onto menus in Italy and is having a moment as far away as Brooklyn’s ultra-hip food scene.


The idea for La Pinsa was born after an extended holiday in Ruggiero’s home city of Rome, where he couldn’t help noticing the revival of “the pinseria”. Upon returning to Australia, he quickly trademarked his restaurant name. “La Pinsa is a name that can grow,” he says. “I want to create a brand.”


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