A No-Cheese Guide to Valentine’s Day

Broadsheet Brisbane

There’s no need for wilted roses and melted chocolate on Valentine’s Day. We’ve rounded up some of the more offbeat ways you can express a bit of love this coming Tuesday.


Get your game on
Jenga. Catan. Pac-Man. Turn a geeky night in into a freewheeling night out and see why games and bars go so well together. There’s arcade and pinball nostalgia – as well as an all-vegan menu – at Netherworld. And craft beer and old-school family favourite board games at The Scratch. Paddington bar and cafe Club Sosaytakes it to the next level with staff on hand to guide you through its extensive collection of games.


Ice-cream, ice-cream baby
It’s Brisbane. It’s February. Ice-cream is always a good idea. Get relief at Lick! Ice CreamNom Nom Natural Gelato or La Macelleria. Or go dairy free (during the day) with CocoWhip at Pineapple Express or Pawpaw.


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