13 reasons Montenegro is the obvious choice for your next trip abroad


Sonja Mapleston explores the 13 experiences not to be missed while visiting this Adriatic jewel.


Montenegro may be small, but it’s perfectly formed. With a killer-combination of azure waters, uncrowded beaches, rugged mountains and quaint villages, you’d be hard-pressed to find a destination as eye-catching (and affordable). Here are 13 reasons to head there now.


The beaches

At 295 kilometres long, the Montenegro coastline packs a lot of seaside into one stunning strip. There are 117 beaches to choose from, of varying lengths and styles (rock, pebble, sand), encompassed by high mountains and limestone cliffs. Try Jaz Beach near the town of Budva for a range of activities, from water sports (water skiing, windsurfing) to live music concerts (the annual Sea Dance Festival). Don’t miss: hot, fresh krofne (doughnuts), filled with either chocolate or jam and delivered straight to your towel, from the local doughnut sellers dotted across Montenegro’s beaches in summer.


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